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Reddit Extends Anti-Harassment Rules

Reddit Extends Anti-Harassment Rules

Reddit revised its policies to reduce the impact of abuse more easily. An executive released the new rules earlier today, saying the previous policy’s “shortage” reduced its effectiveness. These new amendments broaden the definition of threats, harassment and bullying, and allow the audience to report violations of the rules.

Reddit Extends Anti-Harassment Rules

As with the previous changes, this gives Reddit more clarity to the platform, but it also creates confusion for large and sometimes chaotic forum users.

As Director Landoflobsters noted, Reddit has previously described harassment as a “systematic and / or constant” behavior that frightens people of “real life” security.

Now Reddit has expanded its rules and includes; “Prohibits anything that works online or closed, trying to shut down someone without talking through intimidation or abuse. It threatens someone, directs abuse to a person or group, follows them around the site, encourages others to do any of these actions, or behave in a way that prevents anyone from joining the Reddit platform “

This policy applies not only to individual users, but also to all subdirectories, resulting in the prohibition of several subdirectories. This list now includes R/Braincles, a major forum for the virulent anti-slavery thinning movement, which is now in the news after the United States Army claims it can target members’ Joker screenings.

We’ve made a few updates about policies against harassment throughout the site. This includes explicit prohibition of content or behavior that threatens, harasses or bullies human groups. Users and subclasses that engage in such behavior will be banned,

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