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Reddit app received automatic night mode update

Reddit app received automatic night mode update

One of the most popular social news sites in the world of the Internet Reddit Android application has come to update. With the innovation, the application has the feature of automatic night mode.

Reddit’s Android application has been updated, allowing you to access thousands of content and discussions on almost any subject, and the night mode that users have been waiting for a long time has been made automatic.

Synchronous with the operating system

With the update, the Reddit application can now follow the Dark Mode setting of the Android Q operating system and change the night mode option of the application. So if you’ve put your Android Q device in dark mode, the Reddit app will automatically switch to night mode and you won’t need to make any extra settings.

In addition to the dark-mode synchronization, Reddit has several bug fixes and performance improvements. If you want to take advantage of the dark mode update immediately, don’t forget to update your application.


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