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Realme X2 Pro features become clear! Here are the details

Realme X2 Pro features become clear! Here are the details

The features of the Realme X2 Pro are partially apparent. Today, a leaked report, Realme X2 Pro model specifications, as well as the sound experience will be a phone that attracts attention.

Realme X2 Pro features become clear

The launch date is still unclear, and the display will have a 90 Hz refresh rate. This is expected to provide a smooth user experience, while the back of the camera will feature four cameras.

The sensors to accompany the main camera with a resolution of 64 Megapixels have not yet been clarified. However, it is possible to take macro and portrait shots.

In addition to the normal angle, the camera also supports ultra-wide angle, allowing you to take pictures at 115 degrees. Last but not least, the device claims to be the first among the fastest charging devices in Europe. On the processor side, Realme, powered by Snapdragon 855 Plus, will be present with all of its features on the day of its release.

The company has published a short video on the speaker to be used and announced that the device will use Dual Stereo speakers with a shared tweet. These speakers will offer Dolby Atmos support along with high quality sound.


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