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Realme Watch S Pro and Buds Air Pro announced!

Realme Watch S Pro and Buds Air Pro announced!

Realme revealed its new devices as part of IFA 2020. Apart from Realme Watch S Pro and Buds Air Pro, the security camera has also announced smart television and other devices.

Realme Watch S Pro and Buds Air Pro and more

Some time ago, Realme introduced four new smartphones that users liked. As part of IFA 2020, a new Watch S Pro smart watch model was introduced. It seems that for watches where all details are not disclosed, a classic watch design is preferable. In addition to this classic design, smart watches have an AMOLED screen on the screen side. They say that a touch-controlled watch will be sold in Europe.

The new Realme Buds Air Pro wireless headphone model, which has no details, attracts attention with active noise insulation, and, as far as is known, the only color option is white.

Realme announced the Realme Smart Bulb, 360 intelligent surveillance camera and 55-inch smart TV. It is expected that parts for all devices will appear shortly.

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