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Realme Q2 design that surprises with the material it uses!

Realme Q2 design that surprises with the material it uses!

Among the smartphones expected to be introduced this month, there is a model by Realme. Before the device is officially announced, some details about it are also revealed. The Realme Q2 design emerged today. We can say that the material used on the back of the device surprised.

The back of the Realme Q2 will be ‘leather’

Realme, one of the young brands of the smart phone market, will soon come up with a new phone model. Before this device was launched on the market, some details came to light. The most striking of this information was the design of the phone.

After the Realme Q2 design was revealed with the official images, the use of “leather” on the back of the phone attracted attention. Also on the device is the slogan “Dare to Leap”, which means dare to jump. Today; While materials such as glass and aluminum were preferred, the initiative of the brand here was surprising. You can see the official image of the device with the slogan below.

On the other hand, many leaks of information about the technical information of the smartphone have been suggested before. The phone, which is expected to be powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 800U processor; It was suggested that it will come with an OLED and a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. There is no information about the battery capacity, and it was also suggested that the device will have 65W fast charging support.

An official launch date for the Realme Q2 has not yet been announced, but the device is expected to be announced on October 13.

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