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Realme 5 Starts to Receive New Software Update


Realme 5’s new software update is now available in India. Significant improvements have been made in areas such as system, camera and screen touch.

Realme is a company that has made its mark on the market with its affordable products. Realme 5 is one of the company’s mid-range price / performance phones. From the moment the phone was announced it was able to attract people’s attention. 4 rear camera, and the image appears as a phone, although markets such as Turkey will establish the throne in the hearts of users with affordable prices did not have access to the Indian market though not logged on. In fact, not only did he log in, but he also received the first software update.

What does the update cover?

The update covers several fields. One of the most important is camera improvements. The phone, which comes with 4 rear cameras, is aimed at increasing the camera performance even further with the software. With the update, the preview effect in portrait mode and the clarity of HDR mode will be improved. In addition, the color performance will be improved and the front camera’s sharpness and color performance in macro photos will be improved.

In addition, Google’s Digital Balance application will be added with this update. In this way, users spend less time on the phone and will be less affected by the harmful effects of the phone. There are also some improvements in terms of multi-finger reading and security.

The company announced that the update will be progressive and random. A limited number of users are currently able to access these updates, but more users will be able to access them in the coming days.

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