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Razer launches new Xbox Series X and Series S headsets


Razer has released new headsets designed by Microsoft for the next generation consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The headphones called Kaira and Kaira Pro can be connected not only to the new generation but also to Xbox One consoles.

There is little time left before the new generation consoles of Microsoft and Sony are released. As the time remaining for the release of new generation consoles has decreased, third-party manufacturers have started to offer the accessories they have developed for these consoles to users.

One of these companies was Razer, known for its player accessories. Blown by the new generation consoles, the company announced the new player headset designed for Xbox Series X and Series S consoles.

Gaming headset designed for Series X and Series S from Razer

Razer launches new Xbox Series X and Series S headsets

These headphones, which Razer added to its product range developed for gamers, were named Kaira and Kaira Pro. These headphones, which are aimed at the new generation consoles of Xbox, can also work on Xbox One consoles besides the new generation.

There are some important differences between Kaira and Kaira Pro in addition to the price tag. The first difference is in connectivity. Both headsets can be connected to Xbox consoles wirelessly. However, with Bluetooth 5.0, Kaira Pro can also be connected to any mobile device with Bluetooth support, except Xbox consoles.

With Chroma RGB lighting under the three-headed snake logo, the Kaira Pro has a larger battery than the standard Kaira. According to Razer, the Kaira Pro offers 15 hours of battery life when using Chroma Lighting and 20 hours when not used. The battery life of the standard Kaira is also stated as 15 hours.

These were the differences between the headphones, but they also have common features. Both earphones are powered by Razer’s specially designed Triforce Titanium 50mm drivers. Of course, there is also an embedded microphone in each headset to be included in the in-game conversations. However, if desired, the Razer Hyperclear Supercardioid Mic can be attached to the headset.

The prices of Kaira and Kaira Pro have also been announced. The standard Kaira model has a price tag of $ 100, while the Kaira Pro model has a price tag of $ 150. The headphones are available for sale in Razer’s store.

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