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Promising development in battery technology!

Promising development in battery technology!

With the development of technology, the needs of the users are changing day by day but the only need that has not changed for a long time is the battery life of the devices. Purdue University research team is working on the charging speed and lifetime of the batteries.

Battery charging speed and usage time will increase

Scientists provide similar news, but unfortunately there is no concrete development yet. Kayla Wiles, a member of Purdue University’s research team, made statements about this. The researcher stated that they used the element called Antimony and the symbol Sb. The atomic element 51, the Antimony element, can be optimized for electrode design. Lithium-Ion batteries are used today, but unfortunately the battery life does not reach the desired goals.

The researchers compared the newly developed Antimony nanochain batteries with Graphite and Lithium Ion batteries. Explaining that nanochain batteries of the same capacity can be charged in 30 minutes and that the battery health is less damaged in 100 charge / discharge cycles than the others, the researchers stated that they will continue to work on this issue. Some commercially used batteries contain Antimony-style technologies, but they pose a risk of explosion like Lithium Ion batteries for safety. Stating that they will produce solutions to this issue in the new research, the research team said that they will create more healthy batteries.

Professor of Chemistry at the University of Prudue. Dr. Vilas Pol said the 100-cycle test they tested for their newly developed batteries was successful, and underlined that they could achieve the same results even if more cycles were made. Theoretically, a positive result may lead to the emergence of a new battery technology. The new technology, which has successfully passed the 100-cycle battery test, will undergo further testing to identify future problems. From the end user’s point of view, the batteries have more than 100 charge cycles in a few months. If the technology is resistant to high charging cycles, batteries replaced every 2 years on average will be replaced by Antimony batteries with longer life and faster charging.


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