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Pre-order of Samsung Galaxy Fold Canceled


Best Buy, one of the largest technology suppliers in the Americas, canceled the Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders indefinitely. Pre-ordering customers were told to wait until they gave a new notice.

Foldable Galaxy Fold, scheduled to go on sale on April 26, under normal conditions, seems to be causing trouble for Samsung. Galaxy Fold’e sent to technology writers who live in trouble and the release of the device before the release of the uneasiness was postponed indefinitely. Best Buy said that pre-orders cannot be made.

Testers who started experiencing screen failures within a few days of receiving the Galaxy Fold began to doubt the folding of the Galaxy Fold. The device, which is already expensive, has thus become more and more troubled. Samsung has decided to extend the order period as a result of the problems. The questions of suppliers like Best Buy were left unanswered.

Sharing the information message on its own forum, Best Buy has announced the decision to cancel the pre-orders of Galaxy Fold. The supplier company said the following:

Samsung has delayed its sales date and did not give us any time due to malfunctions that caused Samsung to delay Galaxy Fold’s release. We’ve canceled all pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold because we want to make sure that we are the first to take care of our customers in the best possible way

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