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Postponed launch date for Apple-signed AirPods Studio

Postponed launch date for Apple-signed AirPods Studio

As you know, a new postponement decision has emerged for the Apple-signed AirPods Studio headset, which is expected to be introduced for the first time in the 15th of last month. Reportedly, next year should be expected for the headset. AirPods Studio features and the latest known launch date:

Apple-signed AirPods Studio headset will be introduced next year

Making a name for himself with the information he leaked, Jon Prosser said that Apple’s new headset will be introduced in March next year. Normally, this headset, which is expected to be introduced during the event held last month, but was not introduced, then it seems that this headset will at least be introduced at the event on October 15th.

The headset is expected to be introduced on March 16, 2021. So what do we know about headphones? One of the most striking features of AirPods Studio is undoubtedly active noise canceling. Because many headphones do not have this feature. AirPods Studio will also feature head and neck detection, a feature similar to the in-ear detection feature on AirPods.

It is reported that this headset, which is expected to be quite stylish on the design side, has two versions. While the “premium” version with metal and leather details is expected to have a price of $ 599, the classic version to be offered for daily use is expected to be available for $ 349.

The sound quality for the AirPods Studio headset is more remarkable and better tested than the current generation AirPods and AirPods Pro. AirPods Studio has a sound setting that is not available on both AirPods and AirPods Pro, so users can control the sound setting via iOS or any Mac device.

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