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Possible design of iPhone SE2


The iPhone SE2, which Apple plans to launch next year, is often on the agenda. This time, the smart phone will have a design that reveals the new images released.

Possible design of iPhone SE2

Apple’s new version of the iPhone SE has been working on the agenda repeatedly. The smartphone is expected to be introduced in the first half of next year. The iPad Pro 2020 is available in March. Finally, new images have been released, revealing the possible design of the device.

As you can see, the iPhone SE2 will have at least four color options. The smartphone has bold display bezels according to today’s standards. However, there is information that it will be smaller than the first model. The back panel will serve as a single camera.

What about the price tag?

It is unclear under which name this model will be released. Some sources claim that it can be called iPhone 9 instead of SE2. But there is no dilemma about the price. The consensus is that Apple will launch the new phone with a price tag of $ 400.

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