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Pleasing development for Android Auto

Pleasing development for Android Auto

In recent years, Google has made Android Auto wireless connectivity available to its devices. Wireless connectivity, also available for Samsung Galaxy models, will be available on all Android 11 devices.

Herald of wireless connectivity for Android Auto

In 2018, the feature was first available for Google Pixel models. After some time, the Samsung Galaxy network was criticized by many users.

The company, which updated the Android Auto support page today, noted that with Android 11, the feature will be available on all devices. Stating that any smartphone with Android 11.0 can use the wireless connection feature, Google underlines that 5 GHz Wi-Fi is required to use the feature.

Unfortunately, some vehicle owners will not be able to use it even with the Android 11 operating system due to some rules regarding in-vehicle 5 GHz Wi-Fi in the European Union countries. In addition, this feature will be disabled in prohibited countries such as Russia and Japan.

Automakers such as BMW, Audi and Mercedes have started rolling out updates so their vehicles can be compatible.

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