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PlayStation app big update


PlayStation’s mobile app has received a major update with many features. With the update, voice chats can be made in groups of up to 15 people in the mobile application.

PlayStation app big update

Prior to the launch of the PlayStation 5, Sony made a major update to the PlayStation app for Android and iOS. With the update, a completely revamped user interface, voice chat support, native PlayStation Store integration and many new features have arrived.

With the updated PlayStation application, the ability to download remotely to both PS4 and PS5 comes. Also, PS5 owners will be able to start games remotely. With the new update, future PS5 users will be able to log in to the application and manage the console’s storage remotely if there is not enough memory to download games remotely.

Changes coming with the update

The PlayStation app has an updated user interface that allows you to quickly see what your friends are playing and access details of your recently played games, including your Trophy List.

By integrating the PS Messages application into the PS application, you will be able to send messages to your friends seamlessly from one place. PS Messages application will be stopped after this integration. Also, your messages in PlayStation Messages application will be transferred to the updated PS application.

PS Store can be used in the PS App and will provide users with a faster, smoother shopping experience. Users will be able to remotely download games and add-ons directly to their PS4 and PS5.

When the PS5 launches, users will be able to quickly log into the PS5 directly from the PS App, launch games remotely, and manage storage.

To help you stay up to date with the world of PlayStation, a new Explore tab will also be featured in the updated app, allowing you to view official news from game developers and PS Blog content.

The update has started rolling out on the Play Store and App Store, but as usual it may take some time for the new update to reach all users.

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