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PlayStation 5 release date has been announced

PlayStation 5 release date has been announced

The release date for PlayStation 5, Sony’s next generation console, which the game world is eagerly waiting for, has been announced. Here are the details.

2020 is an important year for the gaming industry. Because at the end of this year, next-generation consoles will get their seats on the shelves of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

As you know, Sony recently introduced a new generation console at the event. In fact, the technical characteristics of the console and the equipment that it will receive have been known for a very long time. But he didn’t know what the hull would be. Indeed, this design appeared during the last launch of the PS5.

Now let’s go to the question mark. When is the release date PlayStation 5. By this time, many charges had been brought. But according to the Video Games Chronicle, the release date has PS5 been determined.

Here is the PlayStation 5 release date

If the date claimed by the HCC is correct PlayStation5 then the release date is set for November. In fact, the Xbox Series X will also be released in November. But it is expected that two consoles will be from 10 to 15 days from the release date.

It is noted that Microsoft will hold its hand a little faster and sell the Xbox Series X immediately in early November, and Sony will wait for mid-November for PS5. In short, two new generation consoles will take their seats on the shelves in November. We wait curiously.

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