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PlayStation 5 price and release date!

PlayStation 5 price and release date!

In a process where new generation game consoles do not fall off the agenda; Series S was announced by Microsoft with Xbox Series X and was translated into PlayStation. And a statement was received from Sony. Announced price PlayStation 5 and release date.

New event date given for PlayStation 5

The PlayStation event, previously made by Sony, was disappointed. The reason for this disappointment was the lack of general information at the event. Company at start-up; New games have shown some features and design of the device. However, this event is expected to reveal all the details of the next generation console.

PlayStation 5 price and release date will be announced on September 16. Details of the new generation console will be announced at this announced event.

The price of the device is expected to be $ 499, according to previously leaked information. If we look at the competitor console; The Xbox Series X price was $ 499 and the Series S price was $ 299.

Before the official announcement, the expectation for the PlayStation 5 release date is November 20. However, this will become clear at the event on September 16th. If we look at the brand’s rival Xbox in this regard; The Xbox Series X and Series S will be pre-order on September 22.

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