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PlayStation 5 overseas price leaked

PlayStation 5 overseas price leaked

The new Sony game console, which console players are looking forward to, is updated at a price of PlayStation 5. Someone else’s price of PlayStation 5 was leaked without general pricing and technical characteristics.

Earlier it was reported that the disk version of the leaked PS5 will cost $499/£ 449/€ 499. digital version will cost $399/£ 349/€ 399.

The price of digital version PlayStation 5 will be 399 euros, disk version – 499 euros. The cost of the DualSense is 49 euros. There is a situation where the prices that arise are not true, and the accuracy of the figures launched as Turkish prices is also discussed.

As you know, the new generation has the power of the console 3 AMD. The generation receives from an octa-core processor that will be built on Zen architecture. PS5 using the Radeon Navi family signed with AMD on the graphics side can reach the 8K level. Support for Ray tracing, which experiences light effects, is also among the most prominent details. Among other things, the 825 GB special NVME SSD PS5 runs at a full speed of 5,500 MB/s.

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