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PlayStation 5 is up for pre-order! Here are the details

PlayStation 5 is up for pre-order! Here are the details

PlayStation 5, at which we waited a long time for the release date and price, revealed its secrets with the event on Tuesday, September 16, 2020. The new console, scheduled for sale in certain countries on November 12, will be available worldwide on November 19. The grabbing console was open for pre-order!

PlayStation 5 is available for pre-order in select stores!

With the event held on September 16, PS 5 price and release date were announced. The console, which will be available for sale in a digital version for $ 399 and a normal version at $ 499, is currently available for pre-order in some stores abroad. PS 5, which is sold in different packages and only as a console, is available to users with different packages ranging from $ 399 to $ 670.

Apart from all these, productions such as Hogwarts Legacy and God of War, which were shown at the event, managed to excite the gamers and it was clear that Sony will start a new console adventure with sure steps.

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