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PlayStation 5 interface introduced!

PlayStation 5 interface introduced!

New information about the PS5 continues to come. PlayStation 5 interface was introduced with a video shared today. The interface was explained in detail in the video shared on the PlayStation YouTube channel.

PlayStation 5 interface is more useful than the previous generation

In the video, the control center is first shown to us, on the left is a box called official news, from here we can see the news about the games published by their developers. Screenshots are included in the next box. In the other boxes, we can see what level of the game we are and how many percent we have completed.

There will be short videos that will show us the parts we stuck in the game from a box in the control center. Of course, this feature will be exclusive to PlayStation Plus members and we will be able to use it in games that support this feature. When your friend calls you, the join button will appear in the upper right corner and you will be able to join the voice chat by clicking the join button.

In addition, your friend will be able to broadcast live the game he is playing, only for you or for a group. By using the picture-in-picture feature of the live broadcast, you can pin it to any corner or edge of the screen and continue your game where you left off. In this way, you will be able to play your game while watching your friend’s broadcast.

One of the most beautiful developments in the interface is that when you take a screenshot or video recording from a game, you can share it with your friends, it can be a person or a group, the person you share this screenshot or video with, if he has that game and his place in the images you shot in that game. if not, the interface gives a spoiler alert to the person to whom the images were sent. In this way, the player who has not reached that level of the game does not eat spoilers.

What do you think about this interface design? You can share your ideas with us.

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