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PlayStation 5 device sizes displayed on FCC

PlayStation 5 device sizes displayed on FCC

The new generation PlayStation 5 device sizes that Sony will be selling all over the world on November 19, have emerged in FCC. The new photos reveal that the console is quite big.

PlayStation 5 device sizes displayed on FCC

Horizontal photos of Sony’s new game console have been released at the FCC. The photos of the real size of the console revealed that the PlayStation 5 is the largest among the next generation consoles.

The new Microsoft game console with the design and size of the Xbox Series X box resembles the size of a PS5 device.

Photos from multiple ports on the console show 2 USB 3.0 inputs, 1 HDMI input, and power input. However, it is impossible to understand where you can access the NVM slot, which Sony calls increased memory. Given the description of the company that says the PS5 will be customizable, it is expected that one of the two white panels of the console will be removed.

The new Sony console will be held November 12 in the United States, Japan, Canada, South Korea and November 19 in the world. The standard version of the console will cost $499.99, digital – $399.99.

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