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PlayStation 5 box content appeared!

PlayStation 5 box content appeared!

The number of calls in the form of “contents of the box PlayStation 5” increased. This model was revealed both by its characteristics and design. There is one question that users who have access to important price information can no longer find the answer to: equipment from the box.

Recently, we received very important information about the release date and shared this with you. Now we know what will come out of the boxes for the next generation Sony console. We use the word “boxes” because players are waiting for several boxes.

Will PlayStation 5 deliver what is expected with its contents?

The research firm named Niko Partners, known for its market research on the technology sector, published a table. Daniel Ahmad, the owner of the published table, said that users will encounter two versions, digital and standard.

Ahmad said he obtained this information for the PlayStation 5 model from a distributor working in Hong Kong. When we look at the hardware of the “Digital Box” and “Standard Box”, we can not see any difference.

This is really interesting. Because, in such a sales model, a difference between the contents is expected, but according to Ahmad, such a method was not used. If you wish, let’s gather the hardware out of the boxes under one roof:

  • Wireless joystick
  • 825 GB SSD (solid state disk)
  • HDMI cable
  • AC power supply
  • USB cable (universal serial bus)
  • Instruction manual
  • A game called Astro’s Playroom (comes pre-installed)

Finally, to find out whether this claim is true, we have to wait for the relevant announcement from Sony. How did you find the contents of the box? We are waiting your comments.

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