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Players who tried Google Stadia shared their first reaction to the service


At the end of this year, Google’s cloud-based game service Stadia has set up a huge stand at Gamescom 2019. The comments of the players who experienced the service were shared on social media.

Players who tried Google Stadia shared their first reaction to the service

With the announcement of Google’s cloud-based game platform that has become the center of attention Stadia will make its output towards the end of this year. Google, which is constantly organizing events to promote the platform, was at Gamescom 2019 in Germany.

The company offered the opportunity to try the various demos to the players who wanted to experience the service at the huge booth that they established at the fair and the reactions of the players were shared by the company on social media.

@GoogleStadia Twitter videos share the players who try the service generally reacts positively. One of the users who tested the service said that he had a fluent experience and never understood that he had experienced the demo through a streaming service. Another user stated that he had a similar experience with the PC.

One of the players said that even when playing Mortal Kombat, there was no delay, but the service focused on the controllability of the game characters rather than the visual quality.

In a different video, Google is seen asking some players where they might want to use the Stadia service. The actor answers this question, at school and at work ken while an actor gives an interesting answer like “at the cinema”.


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