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Picture-in-Picture Feature Introduced to YouTube iOS App

Picture-in-Picture Feature Introduced to YouTube iOS App

The long-awaited feature for the YouTube iOS app is finally available.

Picture-in-Picture feature, which has been in the life of YouTube Android users for a long time, was finally made available for the YouTube iOS application.

If you remember, it turned out that Apple is testing the Picture-in-Picture feature for the YouTube iOS app, along with the previously shared reports. While iPhone and iPad users are eagerly awaiting the mentioned feature, Apple has made the feature available to all users.

According to the explanations made in this section, we see that the users can use the aforementioned feature when they access it from Safari and Google Chrome. Apart from that, only Premium users can access this feature in YouTube’s iOS application for now.

Users who do not have a premium membership, on the other hand, need to log in to YouTube via Safari or Chrome browsers in order to access this feature.

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