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Photoshop is here with its remarkable new feature!

Photoshop is here with its remarkable new feature!

Photoshop, which is the first software that comes to mind for years when it comes to photo editing, developed by Adobe, is here with its new feature. With the feature called Sky Replacement, you can make the sky in your photos eye-catching.

Adobe Photoshop Sky Replacement feature introduced

Most of us have also taken the sky into the frame to increase the eye-catcher in our photos. Sometimes the sky is cloudy and colorful, and sometimes we come across a light blue color. It seems that Adobe solved this problem in your photos with the Sky Replacement plug-in.

Sky Replacement is powered by artificial intelligence, and you can add the sky from preloaded options or from your own files.

You can see how the presets look like from the thumbnails in the menu. Adobe’s artificial intelligence will be able to adjust the foreground of your photo to match the sky you add. For example, if you used a sunset with warm tones, the AI will blend your photo with warm, golden tones.

If you’ve used a midday sky, AI will adjust the contrast and shadows to match this time. Some of the features of artificial intelligence called Sensei were like this. What do you think of this plugin?

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