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Philips wind blows at IFA 2019


Philips, the name of which is often heard in the field of electronics manufacturing in the Netherlands, announced the New Smart Lighting Products and Philips OLED + TVs at IFA 2019.

Philips wind blows at IFA 2019

As an innovative company, Philips makes full use of the possibilities in the constantly renewing technology field. IFA introduced a new innovation in 2019 with Smart Lighting bulbs. Philips Hue, a new member of Plips products, is a hybrid image of two different bulbs when we examine the bulbs closely. It is worth mentioning that these portable Hue Go Bulbs have more battery life than the old ones.

On the one hand, while taking the image of the classic Edison bulb, an LED display on the inside does not escape the attention when it comes to energy. In addition, these bulbs will feature Bluetooth. Needless to say, it’s a brand like technology giant Philips behind it.

In addition, thanks to the smart buttons, this system can also benefit from the old light bulb. Philips OLED + TV Ultra HD picture quality This new television has also reached HD sound level. It is known that it is one of the best in the market in terms of television production and it is certain that this new television will transmit more quality images and sound than the old ones. The price of the Philips OLED + TV, which is an inevitable product for setting up a home cinema system, is not yet known.

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