Paris-Berlin 1 hour by Elon Musk’s Hyperloop train

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Paris Berlin 1 hour by Elon Musks Hyperloop train

Hyperloop trains will take you down to 1 hour from Paris to Berlin. Zeleros has designed a unique technology with high-pressure tubes. The speedy transport designed by Spanish entrepreneurs could replace planes in the future. The speed system (or hyperloop) is the high-end high-speed trans-rail transportation system that Elon Musk has put forward.

In November 2020, in the deserts of Las Vegas, crews of the Virgin Hyperloop made their first attempts from an airless tube at a speed of 160 km/h. The journey lasted only 15 seconds. This success was far from the 1200 km / h they aimed to do in the future. But it represented a breakthrough. Hyperloop technology will be the future of transportation for medium-length journeys. It could outpace the high-speed railroad. This technology is at the speed of an aircraft, but the environmental and energy costs are lower. In this respect, it attracts the attention of entrepreneurs.

The idea came from Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla. A team of SpaceX and Tesla engineers released an open design in 2013. Then many entrepreneurs and even students began to develop this idea. Among them were several students from Valencia, Spain. Juan Vicén Balaguer, co-founder and marketing manager of hyperloop startup Zeleros, explained his design. “We started in 2015 when we were still students after Elon Musk’s announcement. We have been working on this technology for 5 years.”

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With a speed of 1000 km/h, hyperloop trains are a greener and faster alternative to air travel. Vicén Balaguer said the difference in design was the tube approach. Since the train will hardly rub at all, this provides very high speed. But for long pipe extensions, it is very difficult and expensive to obtain and maintain this level of pressure. And he mustn’t forget the security issue. If anything happens to the body of the train, passengers will be subjected to dangerous vacuum conditions. That’s why Zeleros uses higher-pressure tubes. The pressure in the tubes zeleros recommends is up to about 100 millib.

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“You need to clear the air in front of the vehicle. Otherwise, the vehicle stops. That’s why we use a compressor system in front of the vehicle. If there was zero pressure, we wouldn’t need it, but it’s a balance between economy and productivity,” he said.

In front of the train is a compressor that looks like the front of a passenger plane engine. This absorbs the air and pushes the vehicle out the back. Thanks to the magnets at the top of the vehicle, the vehicle rises into the air. That’s how it moves on its own along the track. The vehicle will carry 50 to 200 passengers and reach speeds of up to 1000 km / h. The cruising speed of a short-haul passenger plane is about 800 km / h.

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The speed of high-speed trains is limited (usually 300-350 km / h). So the high-speed train is a bad choice if you want to go somewhere where you are in a hurry. In such a case, passengers prefer planes. However, planes emission large amounts of carbon compared to trains. That makes planes an environmental alternative. Hyperloop trains in the future will solve this problem. Hypercycle trains are designed for roads between 400 and 1500 kilometers. Since these means of transportation are 100 percent electrical, direct emission (carbon emissions) production is zero.

Zeleros hopes to show off its technology by 2023. The company planned to build a 3km-long test track at a designated location in Spain. They are also working with the Port of Valencia to investigate the use. The earliest the use of super-high-speed trains is in 2030.

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