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Orders From Customers Who Ordered PlayStation 5 From Amazon Were Stolen


Many customers who ordered a PlayStation 5 through Amazon in the UK came across everything unlike the PlayStation 5 when they opened the box. Even a bag of bulgur came out of the box. Amazon offered several gifts of apology to those affected.

The next generation of game consoles was finally released, and lucky people who could buy consoles before stocks ran out started their fun. Some favored Microsoft’s Xbox series s or X, and others favored Sony’s PlayStation 5. But those who ordered the PlayStation 5 in the UK were expecting a surprise.

This was not a good surprise for those who ordered the PlayStation 5. Those who managed to buy the console despite the intensity and stock problems experienced did not encounter the console in the box. According to Eurogamer, things came out of the box that didn’t look like the PlayStation 5 at all.

Everything out of the box except the PlayStation 5:

Orders From Customers Who Ordered PlayStation 5 From Amazon Were Stolen

Deliveries by Amazon UK on November 19 were on the agenda on Twitter and Reddit. Players waiting for the PlayStation 5 game console were greeted with pet food, a foot massager, a NERF gun and even a packet of bulgur when they opened the box. Moreover, every buyer who encountered these contents had the same story.

Anyone who didn’t come across the PlayStation 5 in their boxes had previously been delayed. After the delay, those who finally got their order could even see changes in the box. Because the box contained a normal flat tape, not Amazon’s Amazon Prime written tape.

After the events were reflected in the media, an official speaking on behalf of Amazon made a statement to Eurogamer. The official said the incident did not occur on a small portion of orders, saying the company wanted to do what was right for its customers. They are investigating exactly what happened, the official said.

Eurogamer has also spoken to several customers affected by the incident. Customers told Eurogamer that Amazon had asked them to wait 48 hours for their orders to arrive. In addition, Amazon has been said to offer various apologetic gifts to those who fell victim to this interesting event.

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