Oppo unveils new charging solutions technologies

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo unveiled its new charging solutions at an event. The company focuses on safer and more efficient charging with its new technologies.

Oppo has announced numerous new charging technology, including a battery safety detection chip, built-in array dual cell structure, and much more. The Chinese company also announced the results of the technologies they have developed and their plans.

Oppo introduced 125W charging technology last year, but the company is not in favor of using this fast charging technology at the moment. Zhang Jialiang of OPPO Research Institute: “In OPPO’s view, 125W fast charging technology is not mature enough and some detailed experiences need to be improved and perfected. What OPPO is after is a comprehensive and optimal charging experience for all scenarios,” he said, adding that the technologies they announced are currently designed to improve 65W Super VOOC fast charging solutions.

First, the company aims to keep the cells functioning independently without interfering with each other, while maintaining the entire safety performance of the double cell by including two cells in the single battery housing, including a special polymer material.

Oppo will detect abnormal voltage drops in the battery with its battery safety detection chip and alert users when they need to have the battery checked or replaced.

With its new smart charging technology, the Chinese company will be able to dynamically regulate the best charging current for different battery capacities and charging adapters. In this way, battery life and charging speed can be increased by controlling the charging temperature.

Oppo, which developed a low impedance fuse with an internal resistance value twice as low as its predecessors, said it reduced heat generation by half.

The biggest change the company will bring to charging solutions will be the use of gallium nitrite in circuits. This is the first time Oppo has used gallium nitrite in its charging solutions. Gallium nitrite offers better voltage resistance than silicon, making smaller chargers and making it more efficient at transferring current.

Using these technologies, 65W charging is now 20% faster and can recharge the 4,500mAh battery from scratch in 30 minutes, tech company Oppo said.

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