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Oppo plans to enter the laptop and tablet market


Oppo is preparing to further expand its product portfolio after wireless headphones, smart watches and television. Reportedly, the Chinese company plans to enter the laptop and tablet market.

Oppo plans to enter the laptop and tablet market

Chinese manufacturer Oppo recently introduced its first smart TV series. Now there is information that the company will further expand its device portfolio.

Oppo plans to enter the laptop and tablet market, according to Digital Chat Station, one of the industry’s trusted news sources. The first products will be released next year.

Unfortunately, there are currently no details or exact dates for the devices’ release. Although sales in the laptop market are progressing at a certain level, there is a serious decrease in tablet shipments.

Tablet sales in decline

While companies like Lenovo are turning to budget-friendly models, Xiaomi seems to have stepped away from this device segment. Now only brands such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei have high-end tablet models.

Whether Oppo plans to compete with these giants and what kind of strategy the company will have in the tablet segment is not yet known. We will see how the Chinese company will follow in the coming months.

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