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‘Oppo’ Now Entering SmartWatch Industry

‘Oppo’ Now Entering SmartWatch Industry

Oppo, a Chinese technology manufacturer, announced that it will announce its first smart watch in the second half of 2020.

The high interest in wearable technological products does not escape the attention of technology manufacturers. In particular, companies that are working on smart watches are trying to attract customers’ attention with their smart watches.

Oppo, a Chinese technology manufacturer who has made a name for itself with the introduction of smartphones, has recently decided to enter the smart watch industry. Oppo’s decision was announced by Shen Yiren, the company’s vice president.

According to the statement made by Yiren company’s smart watch, will have a rectangular structure. Yiren explaining the reason for this, they want to fit more information on the screen of the smart watch and therefore do not prefer a circular screen, he added.

Oppo’s smart watch will be revealed when Yiren, also did not give a precise date for smart watches, but pointed to the second half of 2020. Otherwise, no information was provided.

Yiren’s statements were not only about the smart watch. Yiren said that the company will launch a wireless headset by the end of this year and that this wireless headset will also have a noise canceling feature.


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