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Oppo dethroned Samsung! Here are the results


Oppo autographed smartphone models are distributed every day. Huawei received the title of “the largest phone manufacturer in the world” from Samsung 2 months ago. Samsung is now fighting for the image of a regional leader.

Affordable smartphones manufactured by representatives of East Asia have been able to change the habit of many users to consume phones. Well, now Chinese companies have a lot of incentives to release.

Oppo becomes the leader of Southeast Asia with its smartphone models

It is reported by Counterpoint Research. Experts involved in the Southeast Asian market recorded that Oppo removed Samsung from the throne.

Interesting statistics for the second quarter of this year. Counterpoint Research announced the sale of Oppo by 20.3%. The South Korean tech giant dropped to second place with a market share of 19.5 percent.

Oppo dethroned Samsung! Here are the results

In third place on the list is Vivo with a market share of 17.9 percent. In fourth place is Xiaomi with 14 percent, and in fifth – we get realism with a market share of 12.8 percent.

This is not the first time Samsung has lost leadership in this market. Because Oppo took a leading position in Samsung in the first quarter of last year. Note that the Southeast Asian market in the second quarter of this year witnessed a drop of 22%. A total of 24 million smartphones were sold.

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