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OnePlus Watch leaks and what we know about

OnePlus Watch leaks and what we know about

Despite the fact that it affects users with smartphones OnePlus, it enters another area: technology for wearing. Some time ago it was reported that OnePlus began the development of smart watches and in this regard will be introduced into wearable technologies with an improved device. A few weeks later, these accusations became reality. What we know about the smart watch, which is supposed to be called OnePlus Watch:

What will the OnePlus Watch look like?

The OnePlus Watch is expected to look round like a classic smart watch. It is expected that these smartwatches will appear with 8T OnePlus.

Last month, a device called OnePlus Watch was listed on the website of the Infocom IMDA of Singapore. The smart watch appeared here under the name of the W301GB model.

There are models with price tags that appeal to almost many people for smart watches, which are one of the favorite devices of wear technology. In any case, a OnePlus who wants to be involved in such a variety is preparing to meet with his smart watch.

Now let’s look at our leaks. MaxCmb, known for its leaks, says we should expect to have a round clock through a Twitter account as we pass it on above. This proves that it cannot be structurally similar to an Oppo Watch with a square screen.

It is expected that Wear OS will be available in smart time and will be used by Snapdragon Wear 4100 or 4100 Plus.

The OnePlus employee said the smartwatch has been developed since last year. Indeed, the company has a smart watch design that she stopped filming. We’re adding it down.

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