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OnePlus Band introduced: here are the features and price

OnePlus Band introduced: here are the features and price

OnePlus, known for its smartphones, is also taking steps for wearable technologies. OnePlus Band features and price have been officially announced. The smart bracelet is expected to compete with the Xiaomi Mi Band.

OnePlus Band will offer 14 days battery life

OnePlus’s smart bracelet; It will appear before the consumer with an AMOLED screen with a size of 1.1 inches, a resolution of 126 × 294 pixels. It will also give users freedom at the point of device customization. There are 37 different interfaces on the wristband.

One of the striking points among the OnePlus Band features was the battery. While the smart bracelet will have a battery capacity of 100 mAh, it will offer 14 days of use to its users with a single charge. Besides, in the device; There are also capabilities such as sleep tracking, 24/7 heart rate tracking, and measuring oxygen saturation in the blood. OnePlus has also added sport modes to this device to track 13 exercises.

The water and dust resistance certificate of the wristband was announced as IP68. The weight of OnePlus Band, which is compatible with Android 5.0 and higher devices, was 22.6 grams in total.

OnePlus Band price

The announced price of the device was 34 dollars.

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