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OnePlus 8T design spotted with case

OnePlus 8T design spotted with case

News continues to come for the design of the highly anticipated OnePlus 8T model. Now, images of the model have emerged with covers. Different news about the model, which is expected to be introduced in October, has already shown itself.

The latest information contained news about the performance test of the model. The model drew attention in the multiple and single operation test in the values revealed by the Geekbench test.

Many times, rendered images of models appeared and gave information about models. However, in the photos seen now, it is understood that the model is real, that is, it is not a drawing like a render.

The photos prepared for the sale of the case include remarkable details for the OnePlus 8T design. The first of these is the bottom circle in the camera setup. It is stated that a macro camera or another camera may have been placed in this section.

In addition, for the cameras, ultra wide angle at the top, main camera in the middle, macro camera at the bottom and depth sensor at the bottom right. However, dual LED flash is also included in the setup. It can be seen that the power key is on the right and the volume up and down key is on the left.

It is stated that the model will come with a 6.55 inch 120 Hz AMOLED display. However, the Snapdragon 865 processor and 65W fast charging information has shown itself. Curiosity increases as the presentation of the model approaches.

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