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OnePlus 7 Pro opened to pre-order in India


If you live in India or are there for some reason, you can pre-order for OnePlus 7 Pro through Amazon. The model that we know will be leaked for a long time and will have high-level pricing will be introduced on May 14th.

To pre-order the OnePlus 7 Pro, you need to buy a 1000 rupee gift card and use this card during the payment process. As a result of this early affection, OnePlus offers a one-time free screen change within six months. The official value of this screen change is 15 thousand Rupees.

This smartphone will be the peak point of the company’s rising prices every year. OnePlus models, once mentioned as the flagship killer at affordable price, have now become the choice of pure or close Android experience and high performance seekers at average prices. The OnePlus 7 Pro is a $ 750 price tag.

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