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Official release date for LG Wing with two screens

Official release date for LG Wing with two screens

There are details for the two-screen LG Wing, which LG prefers a radical design. Even when the phone was used, it was captured, but now the date of the presentation of the phone has been announced. For those who do not know, the second design of the LG screen with the name Wing is used, unlike folding phones. The date of the presentation of LG Wing on video indicates the second week of September.

LG Wing launch date officially announced

A dual-screen LG phone that appears on the video, Wing will appear on the main side of the screen with a size of 6.8 inches. This screen will be accompanied by a second screen measuring 4 inches. The device has a T format design outside these screen sizes.

We do not know what difficulties can be encountered with active use, but obviously it was a great choice compared to folding phones. It is expected that LG Wing, which is not the flagship, will receive power from the Snapdragon 765 or 765G processor. The phone will have a $1,000 price tag as it appeared recently.

LG Mobile Global, which published an advertising video on YouTube, sends it to its new phone. LG, drawing attention to the T-shaped design of the phone, shows that this second screen rotates 90 degrees.

We hope to see details about the phone at the event on September 14, 2020.

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