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NVIDIA RTX 3000 Mobile announces date for series

NVIDIA RTX 3000 Mobile announces date for series

NVIDIA, which carries the performance to the highest points on the graphics card side, has also gained serious momentum on the mobile side. While the mobile versions of the graphics cards it has launched in recent years offer almost the same performance as the desktop, eyes are turned to the NVIDIA RTX 3000 Mobile series.

Countdown to NVIDIA RTX 3000 Mobile video cards!

Mobile versions of RTX 3090, which makes you say that this much is not necessary with its performance, and RTX 3080, which does not fall off the agenda with stock problems, will be introduced on January 12. After this date, we will be able to see laptops using RTX 3000 series graphics cards in the market.

According to a source, the promotional video contains four different tips, these are; featured as a gamer laptop, Outriders game, GeForce RTX logo and resizable BAR.

The resizable BAR support is also thought to include a hint of an upcoming driver update for Nvidia’s RTX cards. In addition, it is expected that Nvidia will increase throughput between the CPU and GPU to improve frame rates, such as the Smart Access Memory feature in AMD.

Of course, motherboard manufacturers will need to provide BIOS updates for both Intel and AMD CPUs to enable this feature. However, based on Nvidia’s promotional video, it seems that the video card manufacturer is ready to offer the necessary driver support.

Let us remind you that Nvidia’s CES 2021 press event will take place on Tuesday, January 12th at 09:00 PT / 12 PM ET.

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