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Nvidia Ray Tracing will come to classic games

Nvidia Ray Tracing will come to classic games

When NVIDIA announced Ray Tracing technology, the developers took a sigh of relief. Before RT, the developers had to adjust with their hands to show the light reflections in their games and have them calculated by the game engine. With the RT technology, the GPU did this alone, which shortened the game development process considerably. Unfortunately, RT technology has not yet become widespread, so developers continue to use the old ways of producing their games.

Nvidia Ray Tracing technology comes to cult games

NVIDIA is implementing a project that it decided last year. The company is launching a renewal program to bring RT technology to classic PC games. NVIDIA, selected by DSOGaming, is looking for an experienced manufacturer who can join the NVIDIA Studios team to lead the production on an RTX Remaster project. According to the job announcement, NVIDIA ecek will bring some of the best games of the last decade to the era of Ray Tracing. ”

NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios is responsible for the entire project. They are assigned as the studio to bring RT technology to the old games. NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios was founded in 2015 to bring Classic PC games to Android devices, reorganize and rebuild.

NVIDIA recently released the RTX version of Quake 2.


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