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Nvidia Quadro RTX 6000 mobile coming


One of the most powerful graphics cards in Turing architecture is the Quadro RTX 6000 mobile. This time, the Quadro RTX 6000 will be the most powerful card in the mobile desktop, offering the same performance.

Nvidia Quadro RTX 6000 mobile coming

When the Turing architecture was introduced, the Quadro RTX 6000 accelerator, one of the first graphics cards on the stage, became one of the most powerful in the professional segment. Nvidia has now brought this powerful accelerator to mobile.

What will the Quadro RTX 6000 mobile offer?

The Quadro RTX 6000 is the most powerful graphics card on the mobile side. Nvidia says it will be on the same level as the desktop in terms of video editing, 3D rendering and graphics performance. The original Quadro RTX 6000 accelerator included 24GB of GDDR6 memory, 4608 CUDA cores, 576 Tensor cores and 72 RT cores.

The Quadro range normally differs from the GeForce range, but it has recently become a top line in both desktop and mobile. Especially for professional use Quadro accelerators are preferred.

Nvidia on the other hand announced a new laptop cooling system. This system cools more efficiently and keeps the keyboard at average skin temperature. In addition, 4K 120Hz display support, slim power adapters and the new Optimus graphics switching technology is also possible. Finally, the Quadro RTX 6000 laptops will be quite expensive.

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