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Nvidia Officially Announces DLSS 2.1, Bringing Major Innovations


Nvidia announced the latest version of DLSS. The new version, called “DLSS 2.1,” offers important innovations, such as super performance. Games created for virtual reality with this version will also receive DLSS support.

Today, Nvidia announced the new DLSS 2.1 technology. DLSS 2.1, as an extended version of DLSS technology that players have been following for a long time, seems to give new brilliance to supporting games.

According to Nvidia, DLSS 2.1 introduces a new “super performance” mode for games that can be played in 8K resolution. Nvidia, which also explains that Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 supports 2 resolutions with a new 9x scaling feature with DLSS 8K .1, seems very ambitious with DLSS 2 .1.

Nvidia Officially Announces DLSS 2.1, Bringing Major Innovations

Nvidia innovations with DLSS 2.1 are not limited to this. DLSS 2.1 also supports virtual reality. That is, developers trying to improve the game with virtual reality support will be able to integrate DLSS into their games. Thus, players will be provided with a much more impressive experience of VR games. This technology also provides dynamic game resolution.

What does Nvidia’s DLSS technology offer gamers?

One of the latest Nvidia technologies, DLSS, is actually one of the best in the world. Thanks to this technology, Nvidia can display a low-resolution image in the original as a higher resolution. DLSS, called the beginning of a new era for the gaming industry, offers a unique experience in supporting games. Nvidia tries to improve this technology every day, offering serious benefits to both players and developers.

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