Nvidia Hopper begins testing soon

Nvidia’s multi-chip design, designed to leave space for competitors on servers, the Hopper graphics architecture, is soon starting test production.

Nvidia’s plans for a new era are larger, with ampere architecture a huge success in the graphics technology market and approaching the $6 billion revenue threshold for the first time in its history. Hopper architecture is starting test production soon.

The Nvidia Hopper architecture will host the company’s first multi-chip design. Designed in the 5nm process, the Hopper architecture will be more of a platform for servers. For gamers, Nvidia is said to be developing its single-chip Ada Lovelace architecture.

The Hopper architecture, which will be presented with the H100 nomenclature, will house 288 trading sets in dual chip design. According to the A100 accelerators, the H100 architecture can offer up to three times the performance improvement. The architecture, which has started testing, is expected to be released in the middle of next year.

Nvidia’s move coincides with Intel and AMD. Intel’s Xe HPC accelerators for servers and AMD’s 16834 CDNA2-core Instinct MI200 accelerator will compete from early next year.

Ada Lovelace is not expected until late next year, taking into account the global chip crisis, as the player side has Ampere SUPER plans. In this respect, a promotion can be made at Computex 2022 at the earliest and the first sales can start in the next period.

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