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Nokia Power Earbuds announced


Unlike the previous generation, the Nokia Power Earbuds, introduced at the IFA 2019 consumer electronics show, further enhances sound quality thanks to graphene drivers.

Nokia Power Earbuds announced

Introducing many smartphones and mobile phones at the IFA 2019, Nokia also had a wireless headset. The Nokia Power Earbuds is slightly improved compared to its predecessor.

Nokia Power Earbuds – Specs and Price

Nokia previously announced another wireless headset called True Wireless Earbuds. The Nokia Power Earbuds improve sound quality with 6mm graphene drivers. The 50mAh battery in each offers up to 5 hours of use.

Headphones with IPX7 certification can withstand under water up to 1 meter. Connected to the phone via Bluetooth 5.0, the headset is touch-sensitive. This allows you to control the volume or call Google Assistant.

The headset is equipped with a 3000mAh battery and can be used for up to 150 hours. The case is charged via USB Type-C. The price tag for Nokia Power Earbuds is 79 Euros.


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