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Nokia branded TVs coming soon


A strategic collaboration between the Indian e-commerce platform Flipkart and Nokia for the production and launch of smart TV has been established. Nokia TVs will soon be on the market.

Nokia branded TVs coming soon

Flipkart will soon be launching Nokia branded smart TVs in India. The Indian e-commerce company has officially announced a strategic partnership with Nokia.

With the agreement, Flipkart licensed the Nokia brand to use in the telvision market. That is, Nokia will not have a direct relationship with the televisions to be released.

Future with JBL sound system

Flipkart has previously released Motorola-branded smart TVs in India. Nokia TVs are said to be equipped with JBL speakers to deliver an “excellent” sound experience.

There is no precise information about when smart TVs will be available. However, they are expected to be released before the end of this year. The technical specifications and price tag are also likely to come out near the launch date.

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