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Nokia 3.4 features and design leaked!

Nokia 3.4 features and design leaked!

After the Nokia 3.4 Geekbench performance test, which appeared a week ago, new details appeared about the model, which should become the input level. Despite the fact that these details still have the size of the lawsuit, information coming from names close to XMD Global. The results on Geekbench led us to the Snapdragon 460 input layer processor. But the fact that the processor has Bengali code changes the situation a little. In addition to the performance test, Nokia 3.4 features and design appeared.

Nokia 3.4 features and design revealed

The Bengal codename is used for both 460 and 662. Although the processor has an initial level, the speed of 662 hours comes forward. Despite the fact that the design of Nokia 3.4 has not yet been determined, a fan design based on the real image of the phone has appeared. In this design, where the rear cameras are placed around, it is assumed that 13 2 megapixel main camera and two 5 megapixel cameras.

On the screen side, we encounter HD Plus at 6.5 inches and 19:9. A selfie camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels will be placed in the front.

Given the leaks, it is expected that the phone will be charged with microsoft USB and will have a 3.5 mm jax output. A 4,000mAh battery will appear on the battery side of the phone. That the processor 460 or 662 that will be used over the phone will significantly change the price and performance.

Functions 3.4 codenamed Doctor Strange look good, albeit at the initial level. It is expected that the model will be presented on September 3 along with code 2.4. It is expected that in the near future mid-level telephones of brand 6.3 and 7.3 will be presented.

How did you find new Nokia models that have been quiet for a long time? What price range will Nokia 3.4 get? We are waiting for your comments.

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