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Nintendo increases production on demand

Nintendo increases production on demand

Since its launch in 2017, Nintendo Switch has sold more than 55 million copies. The company announced an increase in Nintendo Switch performance to meet expected demand.

Nintendo Switch production capacity is increased on demand

Companies producing game consoles have spent quite a few years, especially due to the coronavirus pandemic. One of these companies was undoubtedly Nintendo. In 2017, Nintendo began receiving new orders for the Switch game console. Bloomberg reports that Nintendo wants to increase its goal to 20 percent. This means the production of 30 million consoles per year. In August, this figure amounted to 25 million, and now – even more.

Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, a large demand famine began, and Switch is difficult to find even in Japan, which is Nintendo’s main market. Because it is obvious that people embrace game consoles in the void where they live. The biggest example is Animals Crossing, which achieved incredible success, receiving 22 million sales, despite the fact that it entered the market in March.

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