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New Xiaomi signed products have been introduced: There are also sneakers!

New Xiaomi signed products have been introduced: There are also sneakers!

We do not know if Xiaomi offers it to the global side, but it introduced brand new products focused on India. There are many types of new Xiaomi signed products. Everything about Xiaomi’s newly announced products, which further diversifies its product range from sneakers to wireless speakers:

New products signed by Xiaomi

From Xiaomi smartphones to wireless headphones, it has products that are appreciated by many users. Standing out not only in this area, but also with televisions, smart home devices and smart daily use items, Xiaomi has now revealed its brand new products.

Xiaomi signs many products with the slogan of “Smarter Living” ie smart life. The brand, which offers a wide range of products to users especially on the Asian side, draws attention with its new India-oriented products. First of all, of course, we come across a new smart bracelet and watch.

The popular China-based company also brings the products it promotes globally to the Indian market. Wearable devices will be available on October 1.

Mi Athleisure Shoes, the brand’s new sneakers, adding a new one to its sports-oriented products, is reported to be not a smart shoe, but a comfortable and flexible fabric. It is said that the shoes are designed for daily use or for sports. The price of the shoes is about 20 dollars.

We told you that Xiaomi also produces different home products. Here is one of them, the automatic liquid soap dispenser comes with a price of 14 dollars. This liquid soap squeezer, called Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser, has a stylish design. So at this point, it will look like an accessory wherever it is used in the bathroom or kitchen.

The Mi Smart Speaker is a smart speaker and indeed adds a new one to the smart bulbs that are becoming popular right now. Called Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Bulb, this bulb comes with a price tag of $ 7. The company, which has Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support and promises loud sound with its 63.5mm driver, 12W, Mi Smart Speaker, is ambitious.

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