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New wireless headset signed by Devialet: Gemini

New wireless headset signed by Devialet: Gemini

New alternatives for wireless headphones continue to come. Devialet, which now comes up with products that offer a very good performance in sound, announced the first wireless headset, Gemini. The brand, which is very ambitious and aims to attract attention in this field, creates a stylish wireless headphone design. Here are the details of the Devialet Gemini headset:

Devialet Gemini has noise canceling feature

In a short time, we witnessed the announcement of wireless in-ear headphones by brands that attract attention with their sound systems and speakers. Gemini, one of them, also confronts users with very ambitious features.

Devialet, which is appreciated for sound, made itself felt with Huawei Sound X before the wireless headset model. The company, which collaborated with Huawei for this device, then announced its own TWS and noise canceling headset. The company’s wireless headset, which is highly acclaimed with its Phantom series speakers, also draws attention at this point because its design has very minimal lines.

The charging chamber, on the other hand, has a powerful performance besides the stylish appearance of the earphone with an upward slide. France-based Devialet is a company that draws attention with its powerful sound in its devices. The company, which relies on 10 mm drivers on the headphone side, states that it offers a sensitive sound experience, as well as the highest level of sound distortion.

The charging chamber, which supports wireless Qi charging, is charged via USB-C. Protected by IPX4 certification against water and sweat, these headphones come with Qualcomm aptX support and an unusually spare battery for left and right headphones, and an option to purchase spare parts.

The headset is equipped with active noise canceling (ANC), but with 3 differences. With Gemini, which comes with three-level adjustable ANC, you can spend 6 hours on a single charge. These headphones, which offer 8 hours of use with the ANC feature off, can increase this figure to over 24 hours with the charging chamber. The headset will be available at a pre-order price of $ 299.

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