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New Trend: Marriage Proposals Began With PlayStation 5


PlayStation 5 has become the object of marriage proposals. According to the posts on Reddit, some people propose to their partners who love to play games with the PlayStation 5. The new generation console seems to have enabled a new trend to start.

PlayStation 5, the new generation game console of Japan-based technology giant Sony, is currently on the agenda with a completely different issue. According to the posts on Reddit, gamers have started to use this game console in marriage proposals. While quite interesting images emerge, many people seem more than satisfied with this situation.

It is obvious that the number of gamers is increasing day by day. There has also been a significant increase in the number of women playing professional games, especially in recent years. However, we can say that such a marriage proposal will not come to mind easily. Even though we’ve seen those who fail trying to be romantic, this kind of madness, we think it’s the first time.

Here is the surprise of someone who squeezes a marriage proposal between PlayStation 5 games

New Trend: Marriage Proposals Began With PlayStation 5

In the photo above, we see that a gamer who bought the physical versions of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which was released with the launch of PlayStation 5, and the iconic game Demon’s Souls, had a third surprise. However, this is not a game. A marriage proposal placed only inside the PlayStation 5 game box. Well, would you do such a thing?

A Reddit user named Zachavelii seems to have managed to envy dozens of women by sharing the image above. Because this user has received a PlayStation 5 as a gift from his lover. However, that friend had also put a solitaire ring in the box. Zachavelii says that Christmas has come to him early, and after this gift he is now engaged. We just need to mention a point that sticks in our mind. Isn’t it too early to decorate the Christmas tree, sister? 🙂

There was a surprise in the images we just shared. However, this is a little different. Reddit user Rican2153 says he probably bought a PlayStation 5 (Digital Edition) to play with his girlfriend, but the big surprise was solitaire. To be clear, this offer may not continue. Because there is no romance among the PS5 games that have been released yet. It seems that this friend will propose marriage to his beloved while playing “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales”, one of the console’s debut games.

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8 days ago

I will do that!!! if one day i have a girlfriend…

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