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New task for the Apple logo on iPhones

New task for the Apple logo on iPhones

The Apple logo is an iconic logo that hasn’t changed much since its inception. Until 2015, this logo was used as a backlight on some MacBook devices. It seems that the company will give a different task to the illuminated logo.

Apple is working on the iPhone notification light!

iPhones do not have a well-lit logo. However, Apple has been granted a patent to use its logo as a notification light, winking to use the illuminated logo on future models. Moreover, this patent shows how the color of the logo will change according to the notifications received. That is, the light will be used not only for design purposes but also for notification purposes.

This patent is very important for the technology giant who prefers to illuminate the logo on the back of other devices. According to the property promised by this patent; The adjustable notifications will flash in different colors on call, message and mails.

This is not a completely new idea, because we saw a similar feature used in the Razer Phone 2 last year. In addition, the Motorola logo on the back of the Motorola One Zoom is used as a notification light rather than a fingerprint sensor.

Although this does not seem to be a very important feature, it is very useful for users to know that you will not miss an important thing in the absence of the phone and to follow it remotely.

The patent may be true for iPhone models that will be available in the coming years. However, it should not be forgotten that not all patents received by companies have been realized and removed to dusty shelves.

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