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New search options have been activated in Google Images!

New search options have been activated in Google Images!

Google began to more detail the use of Google Video with the help of a new unlimited visual search in the field of visual search. With new options, you can search not only without a license, but also for videos that are licensed by photographers or artists. To avoid using copyright images.

Google launches unlicensed image search feature

Two different features have been added to Google ─░mages searches, which can be called Google Visual Search. One of these features is the Creative Commons licensed search results demonstration, the other is the commercial or various licensed views search.

For this feature, the “Right to Use” section of the “Tools” button on the Google Data Search Results page has been added. According to Google, the transition to more responsible visual use with a new license can be opened.

Recall that in 2018, Google officially canceled the possibility of full-screen display of visual results in Google search engines. The reason for this was the prevention of unauthorized visual use. Apparently, the Google service as a visual search engine poses a serious problem for Google about the license. Indeed, these and similar new amendments will continue to rise.

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