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New patent from Huawei: Samsung Z Flip to be rival

New patent from Huawei: Samsung Z Flip to be rival

The company, which introduced the Mate 40 family last week, managed to win the appreciation of many users with its new models. Recently, the flip phone patent received by Huawei has emerged.

Huawei is on the agenda with new clamshell phone patent

The price policy of foldable phones is criticized by many people. The 2299 Euro price tag that Huawei determined for the Huawei Mate Xs model attracted the reaction of users. Huawei is preparing to enter the lower-cost indoor phone market.

The patent obtained through the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) was leaked by Tiger Mobile’s. The CNIPA patent shows that the model to be developed may be larger than the Galaxy Z Flip.

It is estimated that the buttons on the clamshell phone represent the power key and the volume up / down keys. It is not yet known whether the model where the hinge system will be used will have a self-shooting camera under the screen.

It is among the rumors that the holes in the design will be used for the rear camera. Nothing is known about the model, which attracts attention with its thin frame and large second screen. The emergence of the patent strengthened the possibility of introducing the new model next year.

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